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    Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs
    The largest Chinese entrepreneurship community
    at UC Berkeley.
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    Over 1000 members
    Also the largest Chinese entrepreneurship community
    around the East Bay Area.
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    Top Tiers Partners
    Sponsored by Legend Capital and Nothern Light VC
    and partnerin with industry leaders in China.

Founded in early 2012, Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs (ACE) at Berkeley is the largest Chinese entrepreneurial community at UC Berkeley. Our mission is to connect entrepreneurial individuals, consolidate entrepreneurship network, and incubate future industry leaders. We provide valuable learning and networking opportunities for our members through a wide range of entrepreneurship events/programs and extensive collaboration with other communities in US universities and Silicon Valley.

Connect Entrepreneurs

ACE has over 1000 general members, consisting a large amount of entrepreneurial individuals anywhere from students interested in entrepreneurship to serial entrepreneurs running successful startups.

Consolidate Networks

ACE has an extensive network in the Chinese entrepreneurial community. We invite industry leaders and investors to speak at our event frequently. Past speakers include Xu Xiao Ping from ZhenFund, Deng Feng from NLVC, Hong Feng from XiaoMi etc...

Incubate Leaders

ACE partners with campus communities as well as early stage investors to provide our members with the best possible incubation for their startups. We seek to help our members from anything from consulting to fundraising.